After Effects Render Problem

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After Effects Render Problem

Postby Prometheus82 on 01/6/2010, 3:30 am

Hi everyone.

I have an AMD Dualcore with 2,6GHz, 2GB of Ram and a Nvidia 8800GTS 512 MB Graphic Card. My Operation System is WIndows 7 32 Bit and i work with After Effects CS4.

In the moment I have to work on my first HDTV 1080p project at my University and I have different Problems with After Effects.

One thing is that After Effects is very slow when I Apply more than 4 Effects on my HD Project. But I think that this is caused by my low CPU and the 2GB Ram and i can live with that.

But my main Problem is to Render an movie with 1080p.

My Footage was taken with an 1080i Camera with an Resolution of 1920x1080 and I set up my After Effects Comps with the "HDTV 1080 25" presettings. Then I Apply all Effects I need and want to Render the Movies using the Render Queue. As Render Settings I use "optimal settings" with OpenGL-Renderer enabled and the Quicktime Codec with Photo JPEG Compression and 95% Quality Settings.

With this Settings I need between 30 and 60 minutes to render a 15 seconds movie but I have a very bad Image Quality and the video has a jerky movement.

I tried to render it without using the OpenGL-Render. This has a better Image Quality as result but it takes between 24 and 32 hours render time for 15 seconds and the video has also a jerky movement.

Here I have 2 Pictures from an Effect I use, so you can see my Quality Problem.

Without OpenGL-Renderer:
With OpenGL-Renderer:

I already searched on google for a solution of my problems, but I didn't found something helpfull. So i hope that someone here can help me to solve my problems with the opengl renderer and the jerky movement of the rendered movie.

Thanks for every help :)
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Re: After Effects Render Problem

Postby FrankBlack on 01/8/2010, 10:01 am

Is the footage straight from the camera or did you pull it into Vegas etc.. and then render it in a more palatable avi that AE can handle?

Also the RAM is really pathetic. I am surprised it did not crash. You need more memory with HD. A 64bit OS would help as well.
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Re: After Effects Render Problem

Postby Prometheus82 on 01/9/2010, 1:27 pm

Yeah i know that my system has very low RAM. But it's my home PC and for my other activities it's enough.

The Footage was taken in a new TV Studio in my University. The Cameras are connected to an AVID Workstation where the Footage was recorded and cut. Then I exported the Footage from Avid as an Quicktime Movie and Imported it into After Affects.

But with my Footage is everything alright. I tried yesterday to render the footage and the effects separate and the rendered Footage was ok. I only have Problems with Rendering the Effects using the OpenGL-Renderer.

Is it possible that I have such Problems, because the OpenGL-Renderer from After Effects can't render some effects?
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